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Sondex Pumps 


 The Sondex pump range covers pumps for sanitary,industrial, marine and wastewater applications.





New Sanitary Centrifugal Pump from Sondex 


The SSP Sondex sanitary pump is made mainly for processing sanitary products in different viscosities, especially viscosities present within the industries mentioned below:

Dairy & Food




Other industries where a

stainless steel/CIP able pump is needed   




SMP/SIP Pumps for marine and industrial



SMP (Sondex Marine Pump) is special developed for seawater. The impeller as well as the housing is made in Bronze which insures the pump from rust and makes it more resistant to wear.


SIP (Sondex industrial pump) made in cast iron is delivered with an impeller in Bronze which is one of the most price attractive inline pumps for industrial installation due to the extended lifetime and resistant to wear of the bronze impeller.








PX Waste Water Pumps 


The PX-line is the combination between high efficiency, intelligent design and practical features. This gives you a userfriendly pump with a long life cycle. The PX range covers a complete series of high quality and userfriendly wastewater pumps.


From the smallest PX0 - suitable for light industrial effluents to the PX4 - the big brother capable of handling wastewater from cities and industries. 


SONDEX Gasket plate heat exchanger
SONDEX Brazed plate heat exchanger
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SONDEX Semi Welded Plates
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SONDEX Free Flow Plates
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Sonder Safe Plates
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SONDEX Plate & Shell heat exchanger
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SONDEX Fresh Water
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SONDEX Sanitary plate heat exchanger
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