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SONDEX Fresh Water
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Fresh Water   




Single stage 




Sondex Freshwater Distiller 


 The Sondex freshwater distiller utilizes the heat from diesel engine jacket cooling water to produce pure drinkable water by evaporating sea water under high vacuum, enabling the feed water to evaporate at temperatures below 48°C.


Steam can also be used as the heat source instead of the hot jacket water.


The Sondex freshwater distiller is based on two Sondex titanium plate heat exchangers, acting as an evaporator and a condenser respectively.


Capacity 1-150 tons/day. 



Features and Application

  • The Sondex multistage freshwater distiller is based

     on the utilization of waste heat basically used where

     high production is required, and the energy available

     is limited. 

  • The Sondex multistage unit is therefore only

     consuming about the energy of the single-stage


  • The typical applications are off-shore rigs, passenger

     ships, hotels and other places where the waste heat

     is limited or expensive to create.

  • The Sondex multistage units have been specially

     designed and fully scale tested, before introduction

     to the market, in order to secure a stable and

     reliable production with long service intervals, and

     production of very pure fresh water with low


  • The Sondex multistage units are today covering a

     capacity range from 50 to 500 tons/day. Therefore

     we can offer our customers an economical and

     technical solution which is far superior to any other

     evaporators on the market.

  • The Sondex multistage unit is remarkable on many

     points and is also based on the specially designed

     "vertical tube" design plates resulting in excellent

     water distribution with no disturbing contact points in

     the boiling stage. Thus the water scaling is very low.

  • The Sondex multistage unit operates fully

     automatically according to given water flow and

     pressures, and requires a minimum of supervision.

  • Steam can also be used as the heat source instead

    of the hot jacket water.




Multi stage 


SONDEX Gasket plate heat exchanger
SONDEX Brazed plate heat exchanger
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SONDEX Semi Welded Plates
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SONDEX Free Flow Plates
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Sonder Safe Plates
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SONDEX Plate & Shell heat exchanger
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SONDEX Sanitary plate heat exchanger
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