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Semi Welded Plates:
Semi Welded Plates are built up in plate cassettes. A plate cassette is 2 plates welded together by means of laser welding. 
The advantage by this construction is on the one side welded plate channel and on the other side a traditional plate channel with gaskets making assembling and cleaning of this side easier. 
On the welded side there are two specially produced corner hole gaskets creating the tightening between the two cassettes. Thus the gasket is reduced to a minimum on the welded side.
Advantages and applications of the semi welded plates:semi_welded1
• Laser welded plates
• Evaporators and condensers
• High working pressure
• Minor gasket area
• Safe operation without leaking
• Small liquid volume
The Sondex All Welded (SAW) Heat Exchanger:
The product development at Sondex has now made it possible to obtain thermal efficiency in a welded heat exchanger like a traditional gasketed plate heat exchanger.
This has been archived by transferring the technology from plate heat exchangers to the new welded range.
With this new technology within welded heat exchangers Sondex offers a range of heat exchangers working with high turbulences of the media in the heat exchanger. This then results in a high heat transfer efficiency.
The high efficiency of the heat exchangers can work with very close temperatures gabs compared to tradional shell and tube heat exchangers.
Compared to shell and tube heat exchangers the Sondex welded units, due to the high efficiency, only take up a minimum of the space and weight, needed for a shell and tube heat exchanger.  
SAW07Sondex All welded (SAW):
The SAW heat exchanger is built into a frame with its welded plate pack. The perfect solution for heat transmissions duties, which cannot be handled in a normal gasketed plate heat exchanger because of a too high design temperature, design pressure, or if there is no suitable gasket material for the media which are to be treated in the heat exchanger.
The applications for the SAW heat exchanger are the same as for the SPS heat exchanger. The only difference is that the SAW exchanger is designed to work with closer temperature approaches.
The SAW heat exchanger is designed for temperatures from -100 to 400°C and design pressures up to 4,0MPa.
Design Principles:
The SAW heat exchanger contains a laser, MAG or TIC welded plate pack, in which the heat transmission pattern is pressed into each plate.
The product passes countercurrent flow through the welded plates without any change if mixing the two media.

The applications of the Sondex range of welded heat exchangers are very big, as it appears from below list of possible applications of the units:      
• District heating                                         
• Power plants
• Chemical processing
• Steel industries
• Paper industries
• Oil and gas industries
• Petrochemical industries
• Marine applications
• Sugar industries
• Vegetable oil industries
• CIP heater in food & dairy plants
• Refrigeration plants.            


SONDEX Gasket plate heat exchanger
SONDEX Brazed plate heat exchanger
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SONDEX Plate & Shell heat exchanger
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SONDEX Sanitary plate heat exchanger
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